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Koi Club of San Diego - 34th Annual Koi Show

April 9th & 10th, 2022

Activity Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds

Show Chairman: Matt Rhoades lomaponder@gmail.com

Vendor Chairman: Greg Ruth gruth.kcsd@gmail.com

Entrant Chairman: Jack Chapman jackchapman1@cox.net

Judges Chairman: Matt Rhoades lomaponder@gmail.com


First Come Till They’re Gone

Check the Show Website for Remaining

Available Tanks

2022 Judging Team


Pam Spindola - AKJA

Assistant Judges

Garry Chin - AKCA
Toen Feyen - ZNA from Holland 
Michelle Gravenish - AKJA
Steve Zimmerman - AKJA Candidate Judge

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Requirements and Fees

  1. This is a hobbyist koi show and will be conducted English style with the koi of each exhibitor kept together in their own tank(s).  Koi dealers having a business license or name for the purpose of selling koi or employees of koi dealers are not permitted to enter.  Exhibitors engaged in only the sale of dry pond or pond related products and their employees are permitted to enter.

  2. The registered exhibitor must be the actual owner of the koi entered.

  3. Koi dealers may assist their customers by transporting koi to the show; however, the actual owner of the koi must be present during benching, registration and at the conclusion of the show.

  4. The exhibitor must sign the official entry/ownership form and pay all fees prior to the close of registration (Friday 8:00 PM) in order to qualify for judging.  PRE-REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO HAVE A TANK AT THE SHOW!!  To allow for additional show entrants the 2022 show will limit each entrant to a maximum of 4 tanks. 

  5. Checks or money orders should be made payable to: KCSD or Koi Club of San Diego.  Tanks will not be reserved without your completed registration, which includes payment in full and submission of both the Exhibitor Registration and Koi Entry Worksheet Also for 2022  If paying by credit card Use the Exhibitor Entry Store. payment by listing phone number and email address on registration form for call back to complete payment transaction. Tanks not assigned until payment completed.

  6. Pre-registration and fees must be postmarked no later than March 25, 2022.  The $100 registration fee includes the first tank only.  Additional tanks are $75 each holding up to the koi 100-point system for each tank.  No tank will be stocked beyond the 100 load as determined by the calculations shown on the entrant work sheet, with verification at benching.  Supplemental entries (made after the initial koi entries have been benched) are $20 per fish and this is the only per koi fish charge for this show.  Registration post marked after Mar 25th (if tanks available) is $125 for the first tank and $100 for additional tanks. 

  7. Exhibitors may, by mutual agreement, share a single tank, but it is not recommended.  One exhibitor is designated as the primary exhibitor and is responsible for all costs associated with the tank.  Both exhibitors must be present during benching and at the conclusion of the show.

  8. Each exhibitor is responsible for providing a net for use with their tank.  If you do not provide a net, we will provide a net for use during benching and judging for a $25 rental fee.  A shared tank only requires one net.

  9. KCSD will provide a separate tub for use with each tank.

  10. Past Grand Champions of KCSD shows are eligible for entry.

  11. There will not be any restrictions on exhibitors selling their koi, including using their own or other websites and/or facilities after the release of exhibitors at 2 PM Sunday.  Exhibitors are not allowed to post or advertise for sale signs on the show tank or the splash screen during the show.

Delivery and Removal of Koi

  1. Check-in of koi will be on Friday April 8th ONLY from 2 PM to 8 PM.  Arrivals prior to 2 PM Friday may have to wait until all show tanks have been treated prior to floating bags or releasing koi in their assigned tanks; please check with the Show Chairman in advance of your arrival.  Koi purchased from the vendors on Friday between 2 PM and 8 PM will be accepted and judged. 

  2. Each exhibitor will be assigned a tank(s) by the Entry Chairman.  Exhibitors having multiple tanks may designate which of their fish go into which tank, as long as the individual tank load criteria are maintained.

  3. Do not float bags in the tanks until you have been assigned a tank(s) and given approval by the Show Chairman or Entry Chairman.  The owner or agent delivering the koi must remain with the koi until the koi are released into their tank(s).  Transfer bag water is NOT to be released into show tank but put into drain barrel located in center of show area.

  4. The exhibitor (owner) must be present during benching and classification of their koi.

  5. Digital photos will be taken of each fish during benching.

  6. Koi will be handled only by the Show Chairman's designated handlers.  If you have a concern and need your koi tubbed following check-in, please request a designated handler from the registration desk.

  7. All entries must be left on exhibit until the conclusion of the show on Sunday at 2 PM.  If you live more than 200 miles from the show site and will need to leave early, please contact the Show Chairman prior to show entry for advanced approval.

  8. All necessary precautions will be taken by the club to safeguard the exhibitor’s koi, including 24-hour monitoring.  All participants in the show will agree to hold the KCSD, its officers, members, and show volunteers harmless against any loss or injury to the exhibitor’s fish.  Exhibitors should provide a 24-hour emergency contact telephone number on their registration form for use by the Show Chairman.

  9. Sunday at 2 PM, prior to the close of the show, each exhibitor will be polled to ensure that all of their fish are in their assigned tank(s).  All exhibitors must be present at that time to verify and remove their koi from the show site.  No koi will be allowed to be bagged or removed until all fish are identified to the satisfaction of all entrants and officially released by the Show Chairman.  Out of town exhibitors will be given priority for fish removal and KCSD members will be available to assist, if requested.  Oxygen, bags, and rubber bands will be available.

  10. Any koi not claimed at the conclusion of the show will become the property of KCSD.

Pre-Show Preparations

  1. Please discontinue feeding your koi 5 to 7 days prior to the show.

  2. Be sure that your koi are in good health.  Koi with any signs of sickness or parasites will be disqualified.  Examine your fish from top to bottom before you bring them to the show.  Fish that have any signs of injury, parasites, or illness should not be transported to the show.  This will include any areas of injury or infection that are not completely healed.  The decision of the Show Chairman will be final in this matter.


  1. Prior to judging the Show Chairman will verify that all koi are entered into their proper class and size.  If an error is made, correction of classification will be made prior to judging, or during judging if it is possible without disrupting the judging process.  Gin Rin and Doitsu will not be reclassified after exhibitor has made that selection during check-in and benching.

  2. During judging, entrants may quietly and respectfully listen to the Judges’ comments from outside the show ring.  All participants and spectators must refrain from communicating with the Judges or attempting to influence their decisions in any way.  Decisions of the Judges and the Show Chairman are final.

Don't Miss the Awards Banquet for the Show!!!
Mexican Festival
With trophies and drawings for koi related items

The Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday evening at Tony’s Jacal in Solana Beach, just 1.3 miles from the Activity Center. The address is: 621 Valley Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075.

Our banquet at Tony's Jacal provides us with a combination plate from seven main entrees to mix and match any two. Included with these two entrees are Beans and Rice. The two entrees from which to choose include: a Taco, an Enchilada, a Chile Relleno, a Tamale, a Bean Tostada, a Flauta, and a Taquito.

Hotel Accommodations - Holiday Inn Express & Del Mar Hilton

The Holiday Inn Express Solana Beach-Del Mar has a special show rate of $119  (2- night minimum) and
is located within a half a mile of the Fairgrounds at: 

621 S. Highway 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: (858) 350-0111  

Ask for the “Koi Club 2022” special Show Rate! 
Enjoy a Complimentary Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Pool, Fitness Center and Free Parking. 

The Del Mar Hilton is the nearest Hotel, directly across from the Fairgrounds at: 
15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014 
Phone: (858) 792-5200

Rooms could sell out with the San Diego Home and Garden Show the same weekend
so reserve your room now

Schedule of Events

Entry of FishFriday, April 8 from 2 PM to 8 PM

Show Open to the Public - 
Saturday, April 9 from 9 AM to 4 PM and
Sunday, April 10 from 9 AM to 2 PM

Judging - Saturday, April 9 starting at 9 AM until completed.

Koi Social Mixer at Tony's Jacal - Saturday,  April 9 from 5 PM to 6 PM

Awards Banquet - Saturday, April 9 from 6 PM - 10 PM

Judges’ Discussion - Sunday, April 10 at 10 AM

Koi Auction - Sunday, April 10 at 1 PM

Close of Show - Sunday, April 10 at 2 PM 

Classes and Sizes

  1. Sizes There will be nine class sizes starting with 6” to <9", and the sizes will increase in 3" increments with the largest size (9) being 30’’ and 0ver.  Koi under 6” will not be judged.
  2. Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu will be judged in the Hikari Moyo class. 

  3. Ochiba Shigure will be taken out of the Kawarigoi class and be judged in its own class.

  4. Gin Rin – The entrant has the choice of entering the koi in either the Gin Rin or appropriate non-Gin Rin class. There will be a Gin Rin class (all koi entered as Gin Rin) and a Gin Rin B class (all non-gosanke entered in Gin Rin).  No changes can be made by an entrant after benching their koi.

  5. Doitsu The entrant has the choice of entering the koi in either the Doitsu or appropriate non-Doitsu class except for Shusui, which must be entered in the Asagi/Shusui class and Kumonryuwhich must be entered in the Kawarigoi class. There will be a Doitsu class (all koi entered as Doitsu) and a Doitsu B class (all non-gosanke entered in Doitsu).  No changes can be made by an entrant after benching their koi.

  6. Long Fin – The tail of a Long Fin will be included in the measurement.  All Long Fin koi will be judged in the Long Fin class.  There will be a Long Fin and a Long Fin B class.

  7. Novice – To enter as a Novice, the owner of the koi cannot have previously competed in any koi show and must indicate their Novice status on the entry form.  Novice entries will compete in the open classes and in addition will be eligible for Best Novice Baby (Sizes 1 & 2), Best Novice Young (Sizes 3 & 4), Best Novice Adult (Sizes 5 & 6), Best Novice Mature (Sizes 7, 8 & 9), and Novice Champion.

  8. Champion Awards – All entries are eligible for Champion Awards. Baby Champion will be selected from Sizes 1 & 2, Young Champion from Sizes 3 & 4, Adult Champion from Sizes 5 & 6, and Mature Champion from Sizes 7, 8 & 9.  All Champion B awards are for Non-Gosanke, with no exceptions. 

  9. Grand Champion Awards – All entries are eligible for Grand Champion.  In addition, Hikari Moyo, Hikari Utsuri, Hikari Muji, Goshiki, Koromo, Gin Rin B, Doitsu B, Utsuri, Bekko, Asagi/Shusui, Ochiba Shigure, Kawarigoi, and Long Fin will be eligible for Non-Gosanke Champion B Awards.

Exhibitor Registration Form


When you arrive Friday April 8th with your koi please proceed to the Vehicle Entry on the east side of the building.  John Svelan will have the tank assignment list and be located at a table set up by tank 48 – checking in with John gets you your tank(s) assignment and gets you placed on the benching priority list according to time of check-in.  If you have any questions concerning when your koi will be benched, please don’t hesitate to ask John.  Once you have checked in and have been assigned a tank(s) you will be able to drive to your tank to unload your fish.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our 34th Anniversary Koi Show!!

r/koi jack

To be an exhibitor in our show, please send Koi Jack, the following:

  1. Your registration page, either from the online registration or as a printed copy you complete from this link provided above. 
  2.  Your completed hard copy Entry Worksheet.  
  3.  Your payment in full, either from the store by credit card or by check, please make payable to:     KCSD,     c/o Jack Chapman,     3340 Rancho Diego Cir.,      El Cajon,  CA  92019 

Exhibitor       Entry        Store

 Fish Tanks, A, B, C, D. & E below.        F. Net rental        G.  Banquet

Please bear with us as we update our website.                                     Jerry

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