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Ponder Profile: Scotty Yee - Chula Vista CA

May 15, 2017 9:00 AM | Gerald Ellison (Administrator)

This was a rare opportunity to peek into the “Bat Cave” of our Club President Scotty Yee. His 5,000+ gallon pond with state of the art equipment is the home of 14 of the most gorgeous koi you will ever see in one pond. His collection has consistently produced award winning results at the Bakersfield and our own San Diego Koi shows in the last few years. To list all the awards would take more space than we have but just to name a few would include Adult Champion in 2016 and 2017, Young Champion B, and lots of Best in Size including Kawarigoi and Long Fin! When pressed, Scotty revealed that his favorite koi dealers for his collection include Genki, Mystic, Russell Peters and breeders include Matsui and Torazo. 

Holy Carp Batman, Look at that filter System

The concrete crystal clear pond is over 6’ deep with two bottom drains and no niche skimmer that feeds an equipment room that any koi keeper would envy. This is a ‘redundant’ system with practically two of everything running in parallel. Two Zakki Sieves serve as the mechanical pre-filters feeding two 1/3 Hp Artisian Pro pumps, a huge bead filter loaded with top secret media, a large UV sterilizer and finally a Zakki shower that removes any nitrogen gases before passing through several cubic feet of Cermedia bio filter media and back to the pond. Needless to say… the fish are definitely quite happy! 

Scotty grew up in the Bay Area (SF not Mission) and admits that when he was a kid he got hooked on aquariums and tropical fish partly because his late uncle was a fish dealer. While traveling to Hawaii and points beyond he became fascinated with koi. When he settled in Mission Hills he built a 1,000 gallon pond and now in Eastlake this is his second and final pond… so he says. When asked what was the key to his success, his single word answer was “research.” While others were hurriedly building, Scotty was watching and doing his research and his pond certainly shows it! You won’t want to miss seeing this pond and beautiful fish. Thanks so much Scotty for sharing your Ponder Profile with us and we hope you Keep Koiing!

John Svelan

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