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President's Corner June 2017

June 02, 2017 8:50 AM | Gerald Ellison (Administrator)

If you didn’t hear, we cancelled this year’s Koi Auction. I hope we can gather our strength as a Club and hold one next year. As for a replacement event, we held a monthly meeting at my house. It was “kind” of a last minute thing, but I hope all that attended had a good time. The meeting was held Saturday May 20th and a bit earlier in the afternoon 12pm to be exact. We had a fine turnout, and we also had a special surprise for those who attended. Koi Jack Chapman was kind enough to bring Five of his prized Koi to my house to have an impromptu “Auction.” Wow, what a treat to see and possibly win one of Koi Jack’s Koi. The “Impromptu” Auction was a BIG success. The Koi bidding was hot and heavy and pretty fun. I know the folks of the Winning Bids were super excited to take home show quality koi. The Five Koi auctioned brought in over $1100.00, and half of the proceeds going to the Club. Can’t thank you enough Jack for your kind donation. 

The attendance wasn’t as big as some of our meetings but the food folks generously brought could have fed the entire club!!! Thank you to all of the club members who continue to support the monthly meetings with your generous Potluck specialties and drawing items. I was happy to host and even sparked up the BBQ and served some Hotdogs. 

June is also the Month that we elect new Officers for the Club. If you are interested in holding a position within the Club, please contact Linda Pluth at 619-200-4146 and she can add your name to the Election Slate. We don’t take proxy votes, so please attend the meeting on June 11th at the home of Jeff and Judie Lincer in La Mesa and cast your vote. 

Some inside information: we are updating our Website, our newly appointed Webmaster, Gerald Ellison is heading up the project, so be on the lookout for an e-mail announcing the “New” site. I also hear Gerald is heading up a Club Growout contest for Club members Only. And it’s going to be a pretty cool event. Who can GROW their koi the largest and if your koi doesn’t get big, there will be a beauty contest in conjunction with the Growout contest. At the time of this article, Gerald has secured Koi from Shawn McHenry of Mystic Koi. 

Shawn, who happens to be our guest speaker at the June General Meeting, is supplying the Club with Koi from some famous Japanese Breeders at a great price. So if you ever wanted to own Japanese Koi for a reasonable price, be on the lookout for the Club’s Growout event. Last but not least, it’s not too early to be thinking about our 2018 Koi Show! Our first show meeting will be on Wednesday, June 21st and we would love to see you in attendance. Also, please start thinking about your unique design for our 2018 Show Pin! The contest is normally held at the August General Meeting so you’ll be hearing more in the very near future. Hope to see you at our next meeting. Scotty 

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