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Ponder Profile: Jeff & Judie Lincer: La Mesa CA

June 08, 2017 2:39 PM | Gerald Ellison (Administrator)

One of the most unique koi ponds you will ever see belongs to Jeff & Judie Lincer of La Mesa. What started out as a 9 foot deep, 35,000 gallon swimming pool is now home to around 45 koi, 3 Chinese Hi Fin sharks, a couple of large Plecostomus and a pair of red eared slider turtles. Those are just the main characters of this natural habitat. Let’s not forget the rosy red minnows, killifish, platys and pacific tree tadpoles (hopefully frogs by now!). Of course when you create an eco-system like this you can expect the unexpected such as hatching out dozens of beautiful dragon flies and the occasional visit from a Snowy Egret, Heron or Osprey! 

Jeff, a semi-retired Wildlife Biologist and Judie, a former Special Ed Teacher and Naturalist Educator started dreaming of this home eco system years ago, became members of the California Native Plant Society and are very active with the Audubon Society. Their home has been featured in the Union Tribune and many Audubon publications. Wildlife flourishes in every direction now! 

The pond is undoubtedly the main attraction but Jeff and Judie’s landscape is completely surrounded by native plants, rain collection systems, vegetable gardens and of course a major bio-filter for the pond which doubles as natural wetlands for critters of all types. An Ultima II serves as the mechanical filtration coupled with a large variable speed pump to provide circulation and oxygen. A conversion project such as this requires lots of research and Jeff and Judie spent lots of time doing their homework. Once the decision was finalized, they started by eliminating all the nasty pool chemicals and within two weeks the pool… correction pond started turning green. There was no going back now! They joined the Koi Club of San Diego and picked up a few rescues from Vagabond Koi and the new fish began to thrive. As you can see from the photos this is one special koi pond! 

Thank you so much for sharing your home and your Ponder Profile! 

John Svelan
Membership Chairman 

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