President's Corner - July

July 04, 2017 10:01 AM | Gerald Ellison (Administrator)

Looks like summer is finally here!!! I’m sure your Koi are very active and begging for you to feed them? Talk about feeding, what a great spread of food at last month’s meeting. Thank you again Judie and Jeff Lincer for hosting our June meeting. What a great pond! I’m happy to report that I continue to see more and more people attend our meetings. I also like that I am seeing some familiar faces show up. Thank you for all who attend and help support the Club. If you didn’t make the June meeting, participating members selected koi for a grow out contest supplied by Shawn McHenry of Mystic Koi. 

All who participated chose a Koi and will bring their selection back next year in hopes of having grown their Koi the most. If your Koi doesn’t grow that much, don’t worry, your Koi is still eligible to win the “Beauty” contest. Good luck to all contestants. It was exciting to see the number of folks who participated. Better watch out Koi Jack, I know a number of people are “gunning” for you. Right Matt Rhoades, Right Gerald, Right Dr Bob !!!! I even saw John Svelan in the mix. As for our Guest speaker, Shawn McHenry was kind enough to enlighten us about how to select “Young” Koi. 

How appropriate, as we transitioned right into selecting koi for the grow out contest. Special thanks go to Gerald Ellison for putting the contest together. 

June is also the month that we select our Club Officers for the year. Congrats and a BIG Thank you to the following Club Officers that stepped up and were voted in: 

Jack Chapman-VP of Program
Linda Pluth-VP of Venue
Dr. Bob Adler-Treasurer
Phyllis Spoor-Secretary 

I will continue my role as President for another year. Wow that was a fast first year! 

I would also like to announce that our Koi Auction is back on. Looks like it will be September 30th. Be on the lookout for more information. I do know we will need a number of volunteers in order to make it happen. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Tamsie Pierce (619-581-8482) or 

We have also selected our Show Chairman for the 31st Annual KCSD 2018 KOI Show. Congrats and Thank you to Dr. Bob Adler for stepping up and doing it for a third year in a row. Dr. Bob tells us that he has already reserved the Activity Center, Del Mar Fairgrounds for the first weekend in March 2018. 

In closing for this month, we have a new look to our website. Please go take a look at it. It does have a members only area. Log in and create your profile. You can now Renew your membership, sign up your friends and participate in club events using your credit card. The members only section also has a cool Forum that Gerald created where you can discuss koi stuff or even buy, sell or trade fish and equipment. We think you’re really going to like it! Thanks Gerald for all your hard work! 

Scotty Yee
President KCSD

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