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President's Corner - October 2017

October 04, 2017 6:14 AM | Gerald Ellison

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! When you look out the windows of our September meeting home, I’m sure Amazing is one of the words you used to describe the View. Thank you Augusto & Colleen Angelucci for opening your home up to our members. “Amazing”…Our Guest speaker for the meeting was Michael Hernandez of Tomigai accompanied by his lovely wife Gleci. 

They are part of the International Koi World and we were lucky to have them speak at our meeting. We were also treated to a “mini” Koi Auction. Gerald Ellison was gracious enough to have some of his prize koi auctioned off to our lucky attendees. 

As for our Annual Koi Auction held in Escondido, I would like to thank all involved for putting the event on. It takes numerous volunteer hours to put on this type of event. BIG shout out to everyone who continues to help out. I hope you purchased a Koi at a great price or you got to thin out your crowded pond. 

We also had our annual Japanese Friendship Garden Filter cleaning. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Garden, it has a World Class Koi pond that is maintained by a few dedicated Club Members. A few members that need special acknowledgement are our very own Jack Chapman, Greg Ruth and Linda Pluth. Thanks for all you do! 

Have you noticed the weather is changing? Please make sure you read Koi Jack’s articles regarding Koi Care. As for “learning” here is a bit of advice I gave the members in an article that I wrote last year. 

“Have you ever heard the words "Koi Kichi?”? If you have a Koi pond or just love Koi, you might be a Koi Kichi. Koi Kichi basically means KOI CRAZY. Yes, I am Koi Kichi but not a Koi expert. It takes many years of studying the Art of Koi, and many trials and tribulations to develop how to best keep Koi. Even after many years of studying how to raise and how to purchase koi, I will never probably be satisfied that I have this koi passion fully figured out. That is why we have Club meetings, Koi Shows, Steering Committees, Auctions, and once in a while a Koi Seminar (I heard our club might host a seminar in the future). Another good place to do your "Homework" is the Internet. There are so many articles, forums, newsletters that you can find if you have a Koi related question”. 

Remember we have a Club Facebook page, Koi Club of San Diego. Phyllis Spoor has at least 60 pics of our past September meeting, JFG Cleaning and Koi Auction posted on our page. I encourage you to “like” our page and continue to support our Club.

“No Bad Days”
Scotty Yee
President Koi Club of San Diego

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