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President's Corner - December 2017

December 04, 2017 11:47 PM | Gerald Ellison (Administrator)

I  hope all of you had a Great Thanksgiving and are gearing up for the Christmas Season.. We as a Club have done some great things this past year.. We successfully held our 30 th Anniversary Koi Show.. There are so many People to thank for making the Show a continued “mmust see”” event.. Without our Volunteers,, the Show would not be the Benchmark that a lot of other Koi Shows judge themselves against.. The Club also held our annual Koi Auction;; it was rough going at times to pull the Auction of f due to the timing,, Back to Back,, Show and then the Auction,, having the auction so close to the show would really tax most of our volunteers.. So we decided to move the auction to a later date.. The move proved to be a success,, and the Club members seemed re - energized and the Auction was deemed a big win.. Our Club cannot survive without our Volunteers,, their helping hands and time are the backbone of our Club.. I continue to ask that as a member of our Club you try to find time to volunteer for the m any jobs//eevents that we have all year.. I hope you enjoyed our Venues and Guest Speakers that we had this year.. If you didn’t att end one of our monthly meetings you missed out on Great Koi Ponds,, Great Homes,, Great People,, Great Fun,, and don’t forget the Great Food.. Thank you to all involved.. 

As for last month’s meeting, what a cool pond Donna and Vince Hernandez have. If you missed the meeting their pond is state-othe-Art, with the coolest Filter pits around. Their Koi collection is just as good as their Pond. I know Vince has been hard at work trying to improve his Koi knowledge and Koi selecting skills. By the way the herd looks great, seems like Donna and Vince are well underway to be competing in our Koi Show 2018. Keep up the good work!! Hard Work, yup! That’s what it took our monthly speaker Steve Buckles aka Buck to create and put on the final touches on Vince and Donna’s pond. Buck was instru-mental in completing the pond build. Buck also gave a great presentation on pond building. One take away from Buck that stuck in my head is “There are many ways to build a pond.” Great advice. We also had our Photo Contest, thank you to those who participated and voted. The winning photo is eligible to become the cover of our 2018 Koi Show program. As for the winner of the contest, it was no other than our hosts of the meeting Vince and Donna Hernandez. Hmm, Something’s Fishy??? Congrats and I hope the photo makes the cover.

Ok, Ok, now for even more fun and excitement. We have once again been invited to Vista for our Christmas/Holiday meeting!! If you have never been, then you have been missing out on “one of,” if not the best meeting of the year. Why? Just show up and you will know why. Bonnie Mcllvaine has “one of” the best Koi Ponds in the County, not to mention “one of” the most beautiful backyards around. Words cannot describe the entire property. Well maybe I can describe it in two words “One Of”…..

Don’t forget we also do our Secret Santa exchange, please bring a gift around $25 if you would like to participate. I hope every-one is still reading this, because I saved the best for last. Bonnie is treating the membership to a Catered Mexican “feast,” yup, no Potluck. It was announced at our last meeting that Bonnie wanted to payback the Club because of the Club’s support and effort when her pond was in distress. Both Jack Chapman and Linda Pluth “saved the day,” Bonnie’s koi could have easily died, but thanks to Jack and Linda, the Koi were saved, and now we as Club members get to enjoy the rewards of their efforts. Way to go and thank you. 

Remember, we have a Club Facebook page, Koi Club of San Diego. We are always posting new photos and articles. 

 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 

“Buy Quality to expect Quality” 

Scotty Yee 

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