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San Rafael

July 07, 2018 6:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Well Friday morning at 6am I was winging my way up to San Rafael to work on a pond at an elementary school. Mary from KOI had contacted me for advice and I as usual said," hey Ill come up and help you".

Seems the vortex was a sludge heap the filter pit was a sludge heap and we wanted to not only clean the vortex and the pit but replace the bulky pads with matala, one of each color.

I checked all the drain valves and they worked ,but the vortex one was clogged with sludge and clay with rocks. After playing with that for over an hour I finally got it to drain. I got in the pond and placed a 3 inch plumbers plug into the drain and while I was trying to tighten it it got sucked into the drain line FUDGE. So now on top of everything else I have to figure out how to pull it out from the line it is about 15 feet or so down the line It stopped at the first 90. My hope is to get a 1/2" snake today and pull it back out the drain. So I continued to clean the vortex and finally after 2 hours or so It was clean like new.

On to the filter pit, no bottom drain in there, duh. I jumped in and when I was lowering myself in I slipped and my right arm did a lot of creaking and pulling. I cant use my right arm. Think I pulled all the muscles from the shoulder to the elbow, lets just say OW. 

Got all the pads lugged out of the pit, kind of a mini JFG set up as far as trying to heave the pads out wet and dirty. Got them out and then used a pond vac to start lowering that pit, is is about4x4x 5 foot deep.

While that was draining I filled the vortex over full to create a backflow to try and dislodge the drain plug, no go.

After the filter pit was drained I jumped in and cleaned out all the sludge  and found the inflow fitting  had separated slightly from the liner and no way to easily remove the the fitting. Sometimes I hate fixing ponds. The ground is all clay so we figured its been this way for sometime, lets see what happens if we fill it back up. Seemed ok but today I am going to drain it again and fix it.

New pads are in and ready to go I just need to get that plug out and fix bottom of the filter liner. All by 3 pm as I have to be at airport by 4 for return flight home GRRRRRRR

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