Koi Club of San Diego

Volume 22 Issue 8



August 2022

We are looking for Club members willing to showcase their ponds at our new fundraiser - San Diego Pond Tours! 

If you are willing to let people see your pond one day for a few hours (no food or people entering your house), please email Lenore Wade at lenorewade@yahoo.com if you haven't done so already.

August Koi Club of San Diego Meeting

August 14th, 2022

Social hour - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

Meeting begins at 1 pm

Potluck, bring your own chair

If you have any koi related issues or questions, bring them to the meeting! Koi Jack will talk about Goshiki.


4029 Marzo St.

San Diego, CA 92154

Koi Club of San Diego Ponder Profile

by Lenore Wade

The Pond of Keith and Tina Burgess

My visit to the home of Keith and Tina Burgess in southern San Diego was rather a quick decision, with an underlying motive. I wanted to do the interview, but I also wanted to see the sand sculptures in Imperial Beach. I have lived in San Diego almost 60 years and had never seen them. I knew they could only be seen for a few days and wanted to share them with my 10-year-old granddaughter, Piper.  She dutifully took notes while Keith and I talked.

I told our fabulous photographer Bill Newell not to worry about the drive from Escondido, I would take photos. (Could it really be so difficult, I have taken classes on photography?) I apologize to all of you…yes, it is difficult without the right camera and lenses. This only means you need to come to the meeting on August 14th to see the fish and all for yourself.

Keith actually has two ponds. One is smaller and in a side yard while the larger pond is a converted swimming pool. He has been very creative in designing his ponds.  The smaller pond was the original one. There are lots of creatures along the back edge of the pond and a variety of alligator heads inside. Keith contrived a rectangular feeding area inside the pond which is guarded by the alligators.

At one point a number of years ago, Keith felt the pool was a waste of money and space. He watched numerous videos on U-Tube before he began the project of conversion. He filled in half of the pool, making a waterfall in what was once the middle of the pool. There is an abundance of plants in and around the setting which keeps his fish protected and happy. His three turtles are also adventurous and enjoy their time both inside and outside of the water.

Keith and Tina have lived in their home for about 34 years. He was a gardener at SDSU for 40 years before retiring, so you can understand the volumes of plants and cacti around his yard.

Keith is a native Californian, also native San Diegan, having been raised in North Park. On the other hand, his wife, Tina, is a native of Germany and met Keith while an exchange student at SDSU. She was an English major and taught in schools here.

Shortly after their marriage, Keith took a leave of absence from his job and took his wife to Mexico where they lived for a year and a half. They traveled and lived in different areas while he tried to learn Spanish. Their only child, a son, was born while they were in Mexico. He now lives in Virginia.

The pond is about 4,000 gallons and has a great variety of koi, both in size and colors. Keith joined the club about 4 years ago when he realized he needed a little guidance in keeping the pond in good working order. He finds that he learns something new at every meeting he attends.

During the time we spent there, Piper discovered and befriended the 2 Chihuahua/mix rescue dogs which serve as “grandchildren” and guard dogs. The oldest one has been part of the family for 10 years.

I hope you will venture out to our next meeting to see another unique creation of our koi club members. The home is in a cul-de-sac at 4029 Marzo Street. It is not far from the intersection of I-805 and I 905.



The Koi Club of San Diego



Wednesday, August 10th at 7:00

(earlier if you are ordering food)


2691 Navajo Road

El Cajon, CA 92020 

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

9 AM - 3 PM

San Diego Pond and Garden

12257 Old Pomerado Road

Poway, CA 92064



David & Barbara Cheung


Augusto & Colleen Angelucci

Shirley & Carl Elswick

Gary Favron

Diane & Bruce Hartcorn

Elizabeth del Pozo

Kathy & Ernie Stewart



by Lenore Wade

It is difficult to know where to start. I will never write about the workings of my pond. My two sons-in-law take care of it.  After all, they built it and got me into this job!  I love my koi! They are part of my family and we spend a lot of time

talking with each other. Since I live alone, they don’t have any other choice!

As your new president, I feel there are several topics which I must address. My goal is to inform and involve you. Many of you do not come to the meetings and may not hear the tid-bits of info floating around. My hope is that you will want to become more involved in what the club is doing and come to a meeting.

For starters, the club is in financial chaos. Inadvertently, a number of years ago necessary tax papers were not filed. As a result, we lost our non-profit status. We have since found that it is not an easy task to remedy. Several members have spent numerous hours on the phone with different government organizations trying to fix the problem. In your own life you have probably had to do the same for some reason so can understand the commitment of a volunteer.

After the problem was discovered, letters were submitted to Sacramento Tax Franchise hoping that there would be an easy mend. We also continued to file our taxes as a non-profit. Now, we are told that we owe more tax money and a large amount of money for the interest accrued. We are working hard to resolve this issue and regain our non-profit status.

The pandemic only made problems worse because we lost our ability to raise money through the opportunity drawings, auction, and Koi show. We are trying to think of ways to raise money. I hope you have replied to the question of your involvement in a Pond Tour. I think we all have friends who will pay $20.00 to see a variety of beautiful, and sometimes, unusual ponds.

If you have any ideas of ways to make money, please let me know.

It has also been realized that our by-laws are in need of revision or re-wording. There is a team of members working on that now. It is another step in getting ourselves in good working order.

Our vice president of programs, Will Vukmanic is asking for your input to create interesting topics for our monthly meetings. Again, the pandemic stepped in to make a mess so many businesses have ceased to exist as a result. Will has called prospective people and they never get back to him. So, if you think of something you would like talked about at the meeting, please let Will know.  His contact info is readily available in this newsletter.

Speaking of the meetings, I took it upon myself when I first joined the club to help out with arranging and organizing the potluck table. I can no longer do that and run the meeting at the same time. But, it shouldn’t be any one person’s job. Members are known to bring their bags of chips and dips and put them on the table and walk away, while others bring beautiful fruit dishes wrapped in Saran wrap and carefully place them with the other food and disappear. Still others bring containers all sealed up (sometimes with or without serving spoons) and go off to socialize.

Please continue to bring your treasures to the table, but also take a few extra minutes to see that it is ready to serve…or come back and do it when the serving starts and please take your containers and utensils home with you.  Thanks!!!

The board would love to put on a Koi Show next spring, but it is a costly operation. The main expense is the fairgrounds. Do you possibly have any ideas of other suitable venues? Please speak up and let us know your thoughts.

Lastly, I promised Matt Rhoades, the VP of Venue, that I would continue to run the opportunity drawing at each meeting. The problem lies in having goodies that are desirable so the wallets open and the money comes into my hands. We average around $200.00 each meeting which helps pay our bills.

I have been making pillows and hot pads, Jamie Kane’s sister donated some beautiful hand-made jewelry, Kathy Stewart donated pieces of glass made from her hobby, while others have donated a variety of plants.  We appreciate and thank Sandy Caldwell of Ultra Balance and Chien Lee of Nijikawa who continue to support us with koi food for the meetings.  Please open your hearts and hands and share your un-needed treasures and talents with us. Each donation gives the donor a free drawing ticket and whatever you are able to contribute makes the club a little better for all of us to enjoy!

Thank you,

Lenore Wade




by "Koi Jack" Chapman



At the end of this article, please see comment received by me concerning my koi protein article last month from a person I think of as an experienced noted koi nutritionist and koi food manufacture.  

So, last month I started updating my 2014/2018 koi nutritional series and touched on the number one component of koi food - protein/amino acids.  As a reminder, protein provided in the diet is used or excreted from the fish as NH3 or solid waste and never stored within the koi.   So to stay with this nutrition theme I figure it’s time to move on to the second most important ingredient in our koi food or lipids, which when ingested and not used can and are stored within our koi in ways that can be harmful to the koi’s overall health and wellness.  You also need to keep water quality first in your mind and nutrition somewhat second when it comes to your overall responsibility for caring for your koi.  Lipids are considered the most efficient source of energy for fish, period.  Per gram, lipids provide a little over twice as much as the energy content of carbohydrates.  Lipids (fats & oils) are an important metabolic component of cell membranes and maintenance, essential to certain metabolic processes (hormones to include reproduction), and play a key role in the assimilation of fat soluble vitamins (think A, D, E and K).  Studies have shown that carp’s daily dietary requirements are best supported with lipids from the group of triglycerides (fats and oils) and phospholipids that are polyunsaturated in nature and are called Linoleic, Linolenic and the Omega-3’s (EPA & DHA) to support optimum growth and health.  Yes, the spelling of the two fatty acids is correct.  Note: Saturated fats, such as animal fats, have proven not very useful to koi and fish in general.  “Fish oils (e.g., cod liver oil, salmon oil) appear to be the best sources of essential fatty acids, averaging around 25 percent linolenic fatty acids but only around 2.5 percent linoleic fatty acids. In contrast, vegetable oils (e.g., soybean oil and corn oil) are fairly low in linolenic fatty acids (about 4 percent) but high in linoleic fatty acids (52 percent).” Quote from:  http://www.fishchannel.com/freshwater-aquariums/fish-food/feeding-koi-and-goldfish.aspx.  Articles concerning this specific area for koi supports a 4 to 5 to an 8 to 9 percent crude fat content for koi feeds as does most koi food packaging listing for guarantee analysis (crude fat).  Buying commercial brand koi foods that meet the above requirements will certainly meet your koi’s daily dietary needs.  H OW E V E R, as food for thought, I just can’t help myself and I currently employ a couple other concepts from articles I’ve read in the past and practice with my summer daily diet (water temp above 72F) and the second is an augment to the daily diet every 3rd day.  I know you’re asking yourself - What kind of crap is he going to try and sell us now???LOL   It’s called Protein Sparing (remember last month’s article).  This quote comes from when I use to visit Koiphen, and from my printed copy, “Lipids (fats) are an important energy source in Koi diets. Many research studies emphasize the “protein-sparing” effect of lipid supplementation in carp diets. In order to improve the protein-utilization an optimal protein to lipid ratio is necessary. Good results may be obtained when the lipid content is increased slightly over typical inclusion percentages. A diet with higher energy (lipids) brings about lower nitrogen excretion, which is important for maintenance of water quality.  Conversely low fat diets force the koi to use some of the protein for energy. Protein used for energy is excreted from the gill as ammonia.  So to summarize: if lipids (fats) are available in the diet then they are used by the koi to support its energy needs. This spares the protein from energy maintenance allowing it to be used for growth of bones and muscle.  Protein used for growth does not leave the body of the koi; hence lower nitrogenous wastes for the bio-filter to process…” (Posted by: Matt Sklar)

So, how have I increased my koi’s daily lipid intake?  My second summer daily diet feeding includes edamame beans or soybeans for Linoleic and Omega-3’s and TomiGai sinking pellets with spirulina, which has some of all the key lipids for koi.  And, yes the red yams at my second daily feeding are a minor source of Omega-3’s.  I augment the daily diet every 3 days to include whole silkworm pupae or Hikari Silkworm Selects for Linolenic and Omega-3’s.

You see there is a sound scientific reason for including silkworm pupae in your koi’s diet.  Oh, if you only knew – For the science nerd in us all:  There are different breeds of silkworm and what they eat is very important to them and our koi.  The larvae of PM and CSR2 breeds when fed on leaves from mulberry trees feed a specific organic based Bio-fertilizer registered higher lipid content 2 and 3 percent respectively.  How about this - they (carp/koi and silkworm) have the same lipid requirement for health and growth. (e journal of Biological Sciences, ISSN 2076-9946)  And, as a plus the nutritional value of silkworm pupae shows a total protein of 55.6% and a total lipid of 32.2% by dry weight. (J Nult Sci Vitaminoi Tokyo 2010;56(6):446-8).  They also are a good source of alpha-glucosidase inhibitors (starch blocker) – if you have type 2 diabetes.   

BIG DISCLAIMER- You must be very careful NOT to overdo this as your water quality will suffer as well as your koi’s health.  What they eat gets metabolized, stored as fat, or eliminated as waste to the water column, and you could have some conformation issues as in a fat koi and a potential for fatty liver disease!!  I will admit I’m happy with my growth and color of most of my koi using the above slightly boosted lipid plan.



I just never know who might read my articles and find the time in their busy schedule to provide additional information they believe important to add to the subject matter at hand.  So not to miss quote, I’ll just pass along the email I got verbatim and a serious thank you goes out to Chris.  

Jack – good information, but please remind your readers that protein listed on the package is not always usable. Secondly, lower protein does not necessarily mean less growth and higher protein does not necessarily mean more growth, it’s all about the balance of the overall nutritional package and how the fish can utilize it.


Chris Clevers
Hikari Sales USA, Inc.

As most of you know my KHA Koi Korner Articles are largely a synopsis of my koi hobbyist experiences and a current literature review on the subject matter at hand and are intended to be an informative introduction and encourage the reader’s further investigation

Along that line, Dr. Eric Johnson DVM has written couple articles about the protein sources researched for koi assimilation “Protein in Koi and Pond Fish Foods: Function and Favorites” and another on plant protein sources.  Bottom line: Fishmeal (types and grades) is the winner and trust me when I say the subject of just fishmeal is for another day and beyond my paygrade as we use to say in the Navy LOL

Everyone stay safe and healthy.

r/koi jack


July Club Meeting Images

Notes from Koi Club of San Diego Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, July 13, 2022 by Tamsie Pierce

Members Present in person:

Lenor Wade - President

Matt Rhoades - VP Venue/Treasurer

Tamsie Pierce - Secretary

Al Pierce - Property Mngr

Linda Pluth - JFG 

Jack Chapman - Health

Greg Ruth - Membership

Will Vukmanic - VP Program

Julia Schriber - Webmaster/Newsletter

Called to order at 7:04 PM.

June Minutes were approved as published in the July newsletter. 

Treasurer report was approved as distributed by Matt.

There was some discussion of what should be included in the President’s column in the newsletter.

VP Venue-

August meeting will be at the home of Keith Burgess off I-905.  September is still open. October could be a pond tour. November will be in Alpine, and December will be the Christmas Party at the home of the Cannizzaros as it has been in years past. March will be at Lenore Wade’s home.

April is currently listed as the Home and Garden Show (April 8 & 9) at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Matt volunteered to be show chair once again.  Final approval to host the show will be based on the club’s financial outlook.   

In the discussion it was strongly recommended to have a budget in writing for the show itself.

A discussion ensued concerning locations for the show that might not involve as much location costs as the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Questions and concerns about water sources, cost and dispersal if we leave the fairgrounds.

Program- VP-

Looking for ideas for programs for future meetings.

Treasurer - AKCA dues are due.

The costs of Tank Storage was raised. San Diego Pond and Garden is asking for only costs of current contract (not the one expired). Matt will talk to Steve McIntosh at San Diego Pond and Garden for arrangements.

Old Business:  Non-profit reinstatement.   Matt Rhoades described the frustration of trying to get answers on reinstating our non-profit status with the IRS. It was suggested we contact Phil Halpern (former club member) and have him be our IRS contact as he has had some professional experience as a tax attorney. Jill Rhoades has laid out the history of our nonprofit status.    It was also suggested we use an auditor who is not a club member for financial oversight.  We need to have the nonprofit status up to date.  This may require professional help. One suggestion is to reach out to IRS Advocacy. And contact Phil Halpern who has been a US Attorney, specializing in taxes.

New Business

Pond Tour- Discussion was heard to possibly host a pond tour in October.  By dividing the county into 4 areas, it is hoped to elicit more private ponds for the tour. October is a tentative date set for the tour. 

Matt moved to create a committee to look into a review and change of the bylaws. MSAP

MSAP to confirm Matt Rhoades and Jill Rhoades as co-treasurers

MSAP to accept the list of the currently appointed positions to continue in their positions as printed in the newsletter.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:31

Koi Person of The Year 2022 Lenore Wade



President: Lenore Wade   


First VP-Program: Will Vukmanic


Second VP-Venue: Matt Rhoads


Secretary: Tamsie Pierce


Treasurer: Matt Rhoads/Jill Kluth




Show Chairman 2023: Matt Rhoades


Newsletter editor/

Webmaster: Julia Schriber


Membership Chairman/

Vendor Chairman: Greg Ruth


Koi Health Advisor/

Librarian: Jack Chapman


AKCA Representative: Scotty Yee


Club Historian: Dr. Galen Hansen


Property Manager: Al Pierce


Correspondence Secretary: Shirley Elswick


Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison: Linda Pluth



Koi Health Advisor/

Water Quality: Jack Chapman


Program Suggestions: Will Vukmanic


To Host a Meeting: Lenore Wade


To Submit an Article: Linda Pluth


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