Koi Club of San Diego

Volume 22 Issue 6



June 2022


Need for a Work Crew at Show Tank Storage

We have a need for a work crew to help reorganize the storage area at San Diego Pond and Garden that hold the show tanks. We will need 8-10 strong individuals to re-stack the show tanks onto their pallets.

Most likely we will have to seek the services of a fence company to secure the storage area and make it more presentable. Please contact Tamsie Pierce at tamsie@cox.net if you can help out.

General Elections

Please consider getting involved in the workings of the Club and joining the steering committee. The positions that are open this year are VP of Venue, VP of Program, and Secretary. If interested, please get in contact with Will Vukmanic at obshen33@gmail.com.

We are looking for topic ideas and contact information for possible speakers for future Koi Club of San Diego meetings! 

Please email your suggestions/contacts to Will Vukmanic at obshen33@gmail.com.

Recommendation needed!

Our member David is looking for a recommendation for a pond service person or company. If you have someone you can recommend, please email him at breidyiii@gmail.com.

June Koi Club of San Diego Meeting

June 12th, 2022

Social hour - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

Meeting begins at 1 pm

Potluck, bring your own chair

Koi Jack will talk about Hikari Utsuri

We are bringing back “Open Floor”! If you have any koi related issues or questions, bring them to the meeting! 

Our host will be

Jamie Kanes

1620 N. Twin Oaks Valley Road

San Marcos, 92069

Koi Club of San Diego Ponder Profile

by John Svelan

Jamie Kanes


Jamie resides in San Marcos with her husband Jason, daughter Mia, their two dogs Max and Enzo, a couple of parrots and about 30 healthy and beautiful koi.  Jamie has been a valuable member of the Koi Club of San Diego since 2017.  In addition to the normal stuff of attending meetings and enjoying the koi culture and camaraderie, Jamie has stepped up to do much more for the club by donating her valuable time and skills as a professional graphic artist.   As such she has taken the “renderings” of the annual Koi Show Pin Contest entries and transformed them into finished artwork for the Show Pin as well as designing the show club t-shirts that we have all come to enjoy.  In addition to the ‘clean work’ Jamie can be counted on to get down and dirty when helping with the many Vagabond Koi Rescues that she has participated in or whatever is needed when setting up and tearing down our koi auctions and shows. 

Growing up in Encinitas, Jamie has always enjoyed raising fish and has always had some sort of fish pond.   When they moved to their current home, her fish were temporarily housed in a swimming pool.  That was 4 years ago and as you can see from the photos, they have been quite busy remodeling the house, landscaping the yard and of course building a 5,000-gallon koi pond!   Jamie is proud to say that she personally hand dug the pond using the “pick, shovel and wheelbarrow technique”.  Of course, she is quick to point out that the pond wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her koi partner Jerry Myers who helped with the design, plumbing and liner.   Her pond is home to around 30 really nice koi and sits next to her really cool lily pond that was in full bloom when Jerry and I visited.  The filter system consists of a 10,000-gallon Ultima filter powered by a Sequence ½ HP pump, an Aqua 80 Watt UV and an Alita 80-liter air pump.   The result is crystal clear water and super happy friendly fish.   

Jamie admits with some prodding that she is partial to the “doitsu” (scaleless) variety and some long fins as well.  She loves the tranquility and sound of the waterfall that she also designed and built.  Her favorite fish dealer?  Vagabond Koi Rescue as most of her fish have come to her looking for a good home… and they certainly found one!  By the way… Jamie is convinced that each koi has its own unique personality.

In addition to the koi hobby, Jamie started her own Hot Sauce company using an amazing recipe that she created herself and sells at farm stands, markets and online.  She also enjoys acrylic painting and is in the process of restoring a vintage travel trailer.   She is one busy girl that we are most lucky to have as a koi club member.    

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us and we look forward to visiting your home at our next general meeting! 



The Koi Club of San Diego



Wednesday, June 8th at 7:00

(earlier if you want to eat)


2691 Navajo Road

El Cajon, CA 92020 

Saturday, September 24th, 2022

9 AM - 3 PM

San Diego Pond and Garden

12257 Old Pomerado Road

Poway, CA 92064



Steve & Sharon Duncan

Chen & Rufina Chiushan


Jamie Kanes

Jessica Lynch

Keith and Tina Burgess



by Matt Rhoades

June 2022 

Summer Is Here

Well, the weather is changing; giving me more opportunities to spend more time around the pond. My koi are extra ready to stuff themselves with extra koi feedings from the automatic feeder and maybe one or two handfuls from my hand. My tosai have already put on a couple of inches since the show. And three or four of them have jumped ship from my floating nursery (AKA a cloth laundry hamper with a cut up pool noodle attached.) It seems the larger fish have been crowding the pen, trying to steal the food I throw to the babies. These four koi that escaped were probably saying something to the effect - “Get off my house, you whales”. So they jumped ship and now reside at the bottom where the sinking food goes (and the whales).

When the water warms up, I’ll jump in my pond and check out my fish; especially the high-fin sharks. After a while, if I’m quiet enough swimming around, the fish start tailing me as I slowly kick around looking at the bottom residents. It’s a sight to see if I may say so.

General Elections

Please consider getting involved in the workings of the Club and joining the steering committee.  The positions that are open this year are VP of Venue, VP of Program, and Secretary.  If interested, please get in contact with Will Vukmanic at Obshen33@gmail.com.

Need for a Work Crew at Show Tank Storage

We have a need for a work crew to help reorganize the storage area at San Diego Pond and Garden that hold the show tanks. We will need 8-10 strong individuals to re-stack the show tanks onto their pallets. Most likely we will have to seek the services of a fence company to secure the storage area and make it more presentable.  Please contact Tamsie Pierce if you can help out.

This Month’s General Meeting

This month's meeting (Sunday June 12) will be held at Jamie Kane’s house in San Marcos. She has a unique pond that she, along with help from Jerry Myers, designed and built. Also, she has some beautiful & very large Koi.   See you there!

Matt Rhoades

President KCSD

Show Chair (ret.)



by "Koi Jack" Chapman


So for today I want you to consider a single piece of the GOOD water quality parameters (ALKALINITY) and what’s happening to it at this time of year.  If you don’t have an alkalinity measuring kit (about 10 dollars) go buy one – if your existing kit is over one year old, go buy a new one.  We affect our pond’s alkalinity levels in two major ways: downward by feeding our koi and upwards with water changes that has NOT gone through a water softener system, adding baking soda or adding other forms of alkalinity (crushed oysters shells – blocks of plaster of paris).  During our winter and early spring periods some of you may have reduced your water changes and have fed your koi little to none.  But now with warmer pond temps you have started to feed your koi more and depending on your water change-out maintenance schedule you are directly affecting your pond’s alkalinity level.  From the science side of the house put simply:

feed more koi food = koi produce more ammonia

the biofilter consumes alkalinity to convert ammonia to nitrite

the biofilter consumes alkalinity to convert nitrite to nitrate

this conversion process produces acid which lowers the pH

if alkalinity is not replenished – you can/will have a pH crash

resulting in loss of koi 

For the science nerds out there, I apologize for this over simplistic explanation.

Roddy Conrad has stated “Each pound of koi pellets added to the pond water causes the biofilter to consume a half-pound of baking soda equivalence in pond water alkalinity.”

In your pond, buffers assist to reduce or abrupt radical changes in water chemistry that can be harmful or even lethal to your koi.  When you measure your ponds water buffering capability you test for alkalinity.  The higher the range of your result provides more stability capability for your ponds pH and that’s a big deal for koi general health.  Put simply alkalinity is a measure of the dissolved mineral anions mainly carbonate CO3 – bicarbonate HCO3 and hydroxide OH plus a few others in minimal amounts.  Koi can tolerate an alkalinity range of 20 to 300 mg/l -- HOWEVER when it goes below 40mg/l then the bacteria in your filter will not have sufficient quantity of alkalinity to continue the nitrification cycle resulting in pH crashes and increased ammonia NH3 levels.   Time to add sodium bicarbonate otherwise known as and sold as baking soda.  From: “Advanced Koi Care by Nicholas Saint-Erne, DVM page 100”

You want your alkalinity reading to stay above 80 ppm and with our local municipal water treatment systems all being above 100 ppm – then you should have no problems keeping your alkalinity at sufficient levels through regular scheduled water changes.  If you are on well water and having issues with low alkalinity levels, a pound of baking soda will raise the alkalinity level by 70 ppm per 1000 gallons of water. 


Good water quality parameters are the best thing you can do to ensure your koi’s health and wellbeing.


Japanese Friendship Garden seining of small fish was May 14. There was good participation from our members who took some babies home. We’ll probably do one more seining in a few months.

Notes from Koi Club of San Diego Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 11, 2022 by Tamsie Pierce

Members Present in person:

Matt Rhoades - President

Lenor Wade - VP Venue

Tamsie Pierce - Secretary

Al Pierce - Property Mngr

Jessica Lynch - Treasurer 

Jack Chapman - Health

Greg Ruth - Membership

Ben Adams - Member

Linda Pluth - JFG

Will Vukmanic - VP Program

Julia Schriber - Webmaster/Newsletter

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Treasurer report was presented. There is a positive balance now at the end of the show.  Still questions on resolution of the club loosing its non-profit status.

VP Venue announced that the June meeting would be at Jaime Kanes’ home in San Marcos.   The July meeting at Will Vukmanic, August at Keith Burgess and September at Michael Brooks.

VP Program is attempting to line up a speaker from California Aquatics and San Diego Pond and Garden for future meetings.

Membership totals about 117 families.   Julia Schriber has created and printed some new membership forms with the new membership amount. Greg Ruth has had small business cards printed for interested visitors.

Japanese Friendship Garden - Saturday, at 8 AM will be the time to seine the pond for small fish from the earlier spawning. Plans are to put those small fish in the lower canyon pond. New UV light bulbs have been installed.

KHA - there have been a few phone calls with queries on koi feeding - food types - as well as general pond maintenance.

Newsletter - Hopes are to publish the newsletter 7 - 10 days before the meeting.

Old Business-

Show Hits and Misses-

Help is needed for tear down after the show.  It was also suggested that we purchase another sump pump to empty the tanks more efficiently.

There was a discussion of hiring- either cash or community service credit - for students to help with tear down.

A discussion was also held on the show location with concerns for amenities, draperies, tear down help, drainage and tank storage.  After concerns from Poway on current tank storage (from the street level it appeared the tanks were stored on San Diego Pond & Garden’s roof, not the driveway behind the building). Greg Ruth had some suggestions on stacking the tanks to protect them. Plans are to meet with Pond & Garden within the next few weeks to discuss possibilities.

Will Vukmanic has expressed an interest in heading up the nomination committee for elections in June.  He is looking for nominations/volunteers for elected positions.

There is no date for the 2023 show yet. We do not have a show chair.  Consideration will be given to the date of the San Diego Spring Home & Garden Expo with our show to be on the Fairgrounds at the same time.

No change yet in the Non Profit Status.  Jill Rhoades will be checking on it.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Koi Person of The Year 2022 Lenore Wade



President: Matt Rhoades   


First VP-Program: Will Vukmanic


Second VP-Venue: Lenore Wade


Secretary: Tamsie Pierce


Treasurer: Dr. Jessica Lynch 





Show Chairman 2022: Matt Rhoades


Newsletter editor/

Webmaster: Julia Schriber


Membership Chairman/

Vendor Chairman: Greg Ruth


Koi Health Advisor/

Librarian: Jack Chapman


AKCA Representative: Scotty Yee


Club Historian: Dr. Galen Hansen


Property Manager: Al Pierce


Correspondence Secretary: Shirley Elswick


Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison: Linda Pluth



Koi Health Advisor/

Water Quality: Jack Chapman


Program Suggestions: Will Vukmanic


To Host a Meeting: Lenore Wade


To Submit an Article: Linda Pluth


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