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September 2023

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Photos from August Club meeting

by Bill Newell

September Koi Club of San Diego Meeting

September 10th, 2023

Social hour - 12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

Meeting begins at 1 pm

Potluck, bring your own chair


Thom  & Lynne Fuller

12466 Yerba Valley Road

Lakeside,  CA 92040


Pond to Garden: Water Saving Water Changes



by Lenore Wade

Thom and Lynne Fuller

I don’t always enjoy being the President, there is a lot of “stuff” involved. But I always enjoy doing interviews with the host families. My goal is for you to understand something about our hosts before you invade their yard.

I am delightfully surprised when learning so much information to share with you. Thom and Lynne live in the Lakeside suburbs…they are away from tract houses, traffic and busy streets. The house was built in 2004 on land that had been destroyed by the Cedar fire. (The former owners did not want to rebuild.) There are beautiful trees, huge rocks, unusual landscaping, and a koi pond all of which survived the fire. Thom designed a new house that would be wheelchair friendly for Lynne, incorporating all their wishes, wants, and dreams.

They are native San Diegans and have lived most of their lives in various areas of the county. For a short period, they lived in Huntington Beach for Thom’s job, but knew they would eventually come back home. Lynne was an elementary school teacher when California had too many teachers (something foreign to us now.) While raising the 2 boys, she worked in an office with convenient hours. Thom worked for Corky McMillan which put him in the world of real estate where he could look for the type of house they wanted for their future.

With the boys off raising their families, Thom and Lynne have a lot to keep them busy. Besides the 2 dogs that have free run over the property, they raise 

chickens which give them a variety of free eggs. Now, Thom stays active as a consultant to land bankers, builders, and developers. Lynne loves to garden and spends much time in the yard with the vegetables and pumpkins. The pumpkin patch has a number of different kinds, shapes, and colors of the Fall treat. I was fascinated by a large pumpkin that is called “Polar Bear White”. They have also planted

a small grape vineyard with hopes of trading the grapes for bottles of wine from the winery down the road. There are still many fruit trees that also survived the fire.

For a number of years, Lynne knew she had a health problem, but it wasn’t until the age of 30 that she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She has been confined to the

wheelchair for close to 20 years, but it doesn’t slow her down. I had a hard time keeping up with her as we roamed around the vast property. She actually has 2 wheelchairs. One she uses in the house, and the other for working outside.

The fish know the sound of the wheelchair as it crosses the gravel near the pond. They wait anxiously for her to feed them. They have a large variety of koi in the 20,000-gallon pond. The water lilies are to die for in so many colors. There is a huge lotus plant in the pond, also a taro plant, and other interesting “green things.” Thom has recently discovered a leak in the liner which will be a huge undertaking to fix. Their fish seem to love where they are and delight in spawning, which means more babies and more work.

They survived “the storm” with little damage except for things moving around. The 2 very large sycamore trees shade the pond, which is large enough to have its own bridge. Also around the pond area are huge boulders that have been in place for so many years that have started moving and expanding. There is so much to see while just standing in one place, I hope you will come to the September 10th meeting so you can enjoy it all yourself.

Bring your chairs, there is plenty of shade and lots of parking at the end of the driveway.

Now, I offer you a challenge…find what is unusual about one of the sycamore trees. (No, I won’t tell you which one!)


by Lenore Wade

A special thank you to the Angelucci’s for hosting our August meeting at their beautiful home which overlooks the La Jolla coast. I don’t think any of us there enjoyed the day as much as “Bob” did. If you have ever met Bob before, you know he is the giant land tortoise that roams free in the back yard. He usually steers clear of humans, but last Sunday he was on a mission to meet and greet everyone who came to the meeting. I think he delighted in pushing the tables and chairs around so people had to get out of his way. The good smell of the fresh greens that were brought for the donation table gave him a mission. He was a delightful addition to the happenings at the meeting.

There were many new members there, which is always a nice change. Some of those there for the first time have had ponds for fifteen to twenty years. A few have also been long time members. We call ourselves a Koi Club, but the greatest benefit to membership is knowing there are knowledgeable people to help us when there is a need. We love to have new people to share our homes with.

Please remember that our membership is on a yearly basis and dues can be up for renewal at any time of the year, depending on the month you first joined the club. You will receive several renewal notices before you stop receiving our newsletter. Forty-eight dollars is an amount not to be taken lightly, so please plan ahead so you continue to know what is happening in our Koi World.

We had a short meeting after the regular meeting for those interested in helping the club to organize a Koi Show for the coming year. It is a huge undertaking and needs many hands-on-board to make it happen. Having our non-profit status reinstated will help us in trying to find vendors who will want to participate. If you are interested in being involved, please let us know.

Remember, the Annual Koi Auction will be on Saturday, September 23 at the San Diego Pond and Garden store in Poway. If you are planning to attend, please register in advance so we know how many sandwiches and drinks to buy. If you are interested in bringing fish to the auction, you can purchase bags at the next meeting for $1.00 each. It is a good opportunity to check your pond for your needs and wants. Unfortunately, I have 4 beautiful fish that have gotten too large for my pond. I hope to find them new homes so I can purchase a few little ones and watch them grow.

I am happy to report that Koi Jack has recently been released from the hospital. He is on the mend which will take time and patience. We have all missed him for these past few months. His knowledge of koi cannot be replaced so we will be anxious to having back to active status when he is ready.

I was asked last month to let the membership know, in advance, if the host member’s home is wheelchair accessible. It is my intent to inform you of that for future meetings. I am going out tomorrow morning to get the info for my Ponder Profile. Check the article where I will address this question. As of now, I have no answer.

If other concerns arise, please let me know. We can’t address problems if we don’t know about them.

Now, to get on my bandwagon again…we need gifts for our donation table every month. Plants and or flowers are always welcome, as are home made gifts. Re-gifting is a terrific way to pass on what you do not need or want. If you have ideas about what would make you smile, please let me know.

I hope to see you at the meeting on September 10th at the home of Thom and Lynne Fuller in Lakeside.          





We are looking for a member who can help us at the Japanese Friendship Garden on Monday mornings around 8:00am.

Before there was a koi pond in the upper Garden area there was grass. That’s all. We suggested for years that we would take care of the filter system if they would build a koi pond which would become the central jewel to the Garden (there was no canyon Garden at the time). Norm Meck of our club designed the pond (with a few modifications) and Voila! we have a koi pond. We have been taking care of and cleaning the filter system since 1999 really as a community service to Balboa Park.

We would appreciate any help even if you can’t commit to every Monday. Being able to lift 35-40 pounds is necessary to open each section of the deck where the filter is located. AND you get to pick the brain of our KHA/Show Entrant Chairman, Koi Jack, who has been overseeing the fishes health since 2005

If interested, call me and leave a message at 619-200-4146 and/or email me at lpluth@cox.net.

Linda Pluth
Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison

August 5th Japanese Friendship Garden Pond Seining




Wednesday, September 13th

at 7:00 pm

(earlier if you are ordering food)


2691 Navajo Road

El Cajon, CA 92020 

View in Google Maps


Cory and Shannon Burke
Scott Holder
Sergio and Lorena Flores
Sherry Tobey

Brian Goddard


Bonnie McIlvaine
Tony Martinez
Scott Bonelli
Octavian Dobre
Elizabeth del Pozo
David Cheung
Utpal Parikh
Margo and Demy Riley
Jessica Lynch


by "Koi Jack" Chapman


We have all seen koi flash (quick rubbing movement of koi against something in the pond to include the sides and most often the bottom) and they are trying to tell us something.  Your koi are not happy about something or, I as like to say, irritated by something and trust me when I say the list is looooong.

Big question is it just one koi, a couple or even over half the pond population and when during the day is the flashing observed? Our minds instantly go to the dreaded parasitic infestation and it is one thing to be ruled out, but more times than not it is something else most often related to water quality or daily changes to the same.  But first, a little time for parasites – there are other fish behaviors in addition to flashing that are common indicators of questionable parasites like the quick repeated twitching of a peck fin(s) and/or while swimming normal to hold the peck fin very close to the body; sitting on the bottom isolated with fins in the out position; repeated flashing at all times of the day to one particular area of their body; and even some quick, repeated darting swimming motions.  Even resting head down (45 degrees) or up in the water column for a few minutes is a sign all is not right with your koi.  Let’s not forget excess slime coat, jumping or breaching the surface followed by a stream of bubbles coming from the gills and often the same side of the koi.  All are suspect activities that raise the question of does my koi(s) have a parasite.   Just a note: I’ve been known to say if you look long enough you can find a parasite or two in any pond and I truly believe it - they just don’t present themselves in sufficient numbers to cause serious infestation issues in an otherwise well maintained pond and then again I could be dead wrong.

But what about the flashing not associated with parasites.  This list is long but let it suffice to say the major stressor in this category include: A daily change in pH at or above .5; a daily change in water temp in excess of 4 degrees F; any day you do water changes and or pond maintenance (the effect can be for a couple of days); toxins/pollutants introduced in small quantities to the pond (stuff like measurable ammonia and chlorine); and okay any change to water chemistry that the koi are irritated by (that ought to cover my butt on this subject).  Oh, I almost forgot, over or multiple long or short periods of pond/koi medication.

A lot of times when I get first calls about flashing and not specific behavior to parasites, we will go over the above list and just observe for a week to record koi activity.  Hope this gets you to thinking of the many possibilities the next time you see a koi flash and wonder why?

And, just in case you were wondering about the pond visit for flashing resulted in a case of Helminth Parasites known as Gyrodactylus but most of us just say skin flukes.  Most likely came with a new koi received 1 month earlier and it was the most microscopically infested koi.


Notes from Koi Club of San Diego Steering Committee Meeting

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 by Tamsie Pierce

Members Present in person:

Lenore Wade                      Matt Rhoades                    Jill Rhoades

Julia Schriber                      Dorene Dias                       Tamsie Pierce

Linda Pluth                          Al Pierce                             Ben Adams                        

Jessica Lynch                      Bob Adler

Called to Order at 7:00 PM

Fish bags will be available at the August meeting for those who need them.

Japanese Friendship Garden - the small fish from the pond spawning have been caught and rehomed.

VP Venue: 2024 still has some opening for hosts.

   2023 : Fuller- September

   Schultz - October- Alpine

   Ford - November - Oceanside

   Cannizarro - December

   Cory Burke - January- Alpine

VP Program

 This month’s meeting will be a variation of Jeopardy. The pond at the home was built by Eric Triplett.

Fish rescue from Ramona pond has been completed.

Upcoming Auction will have an e-blast sent out looking for volunteers to help with the auction on September 23

There was a discussion on the club Facebook page.


A report to come out shortly. Concerns were expressed on the Domain name. And still looking for venues for the Koi Show.  The show needs heavy walk through traffic.

Japanese Friendship Garden -

The deck (over the filter) is finished. The pond seining done. The pond looks great.

Koi Health

Lenore informed the group on the use of copper to clear the green algae in her pond.

Membership -

A  big thank you to Doreen for clearing up membership confusion with the spreadsheet listings.

Old Business

Dues renewals per bylaws: concerns about when dues are due before dropping members. Talk about dues and dues procedures to be given at the upcoming general meeting.

New Business-

Should we change the meeting weekend in May due to Mother’s Day?

We need discussion on the 2024 show. We are looking for a subcommittee for the show (dates).

Meeting adjourned at 8:15

Koi Person of The Year 2023 Julia Schriber



President: Lenore Wade   


First VP-Program: Matt Rhoades


Second VP-Venue: Dorene Dias


Secretary: Tamsie Pierce


Treasurer: Jill Rhoades





Newsletter editor/

Webmaster: Julia Schriber


Membership Chairman: Jill Leach


Koi Health Advisor/

Librarian: Jack Chapman


Club Historian: Dr. Galen Hansen


Property Manager: Al Pierce


Correspondence Secretary: Shirley Elswick


Japanese Friendship Garden Liaison: Linda Pluth



Koi Health Advisor/

Water Quality: Jack Chapman


To Host a Meeting: Dorene Dias


To Submit an Article: Linda Pluth


Program/Activities Suggestions: Matt Roades


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