February 26, 2023 10:25 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Our January Meeting was at Dick and Bonita’s house. The pond was spectacular; only edged out by the creativity that Bonita puts into decorating their house for the holidays. Stunning is another word to describe her efforts. 

The speaker for today's meeting, who was to talk about his recent trip to Japan and his visit to a few of the country’s koi farms, woke up in the morning with the flu. Hence the call at 7:30 am and a reschedule to another date. On to “Plan B”. My wife grabbed the computer; I racked my knowledge and a plan was forming: koi know-how in a Game Show format.  We put it together, got the props/prizes, and headed for the meeting.

When it came time to begin the program part of the meeting, we drew three attendee names and the “lucky” participants were assembled. Those people were: Sam Seat, Ben Adams,  and Cheryl Adams. They took their places on same high chairs that were brought forward and the game began. 

The rules were simple. The game show host, myself, would read a question and give three potential answers.  Participants would raise their hands if they knew the correct answer. Lucky guesses and correct answers received a chocolate kiss thrown their way by the game show host. We got down to the last question with the score standing at three points for two contestants and four points for the lead. Excitement was building and the final question was queried. Would the game end in a tie?  (Spoiler alert: That  Koi Jack had given the answer earlier in his Koi Talk). The last question was:

“ In the area of water quality”, what is Koi Jack’s favorite saying?

A.           “Get up early and do a poop watch!”

B.           “My water is so clean I can drink it”

C.           “The solution to pollution is dilution”

Ben Adams raised his hand and answered “C”. He won the game and received a $25 gift card and the others walked away with parting gifts of more chocolate kisses. I believe this will be played again and I already have a spin-off for this game.

One contestant; it’s called “Stump the Kichi”.

You game Koi Jack?

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