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Dry Booths from 101 - 120

Vendor packet dry booth information is available  here.


Wet Booths from 201 - 206
& 301 - 316.

Vendor packet wet booth information is available  here.

Booth Accessory Options

Booth accessory description link:
Tank rentals @ $50, limited quantity,
Electricity @ $55 (only 1 electrical power drop *needed),
Table cloths @ $30,
Carpeting @ $140,
Box lunches @ $16 ea.,

Banquet @ $60 ea. 

Vendor packet booth accessory information is available directly below the list of accessories in this column.

Tank rentals - If tanks for fish sales are needed, we have a limited supply to be rented @ $50.

Electricity - All vendors are able to order a power drop at their booth, wet or dry, and the cost for each 500-watt/5 amp drop is $55.  All vendors requiring electrical power must order power service in advance.

Table-cloth w/Skirt - A booth comes with a table and two chairs. A table cloth and skirt is an accessory and available for $30. You may order a set for each table, especially if you have more than one booth with the table.

Carpeting Carpet (blue indoor/outdoor) for your booth is available as an accessory for an additional charge of $140 per booth space.

Saturday Box lunches - Due to the Del Mar Fairground regulations, we are not able to provide food from any hospitality rooms during the time the hall is open to the public. We are able to place an order for a box lunch to be provided by the Fairgrounds. Vendors may order this lunch for $16 each as part of your registration. 

Don’t Forget to Attend the Awards Banquet

We announce the dealer/breeder who sold the fish for major awards, and if you sold it, stand up and take a bow. If you sponsor a trophy, you may present that trophy to the winner(s) as well.
(Please let Scotty Yee know your intentions for making the presentation as soon as you have been confirmed for the award/s. He can be reached by phone at 714-943-3906 or scttyee@yahoo.com)
If you sponsor $500 or more for trophies, you will receive one free Banquet ticket. So, remember to make your Awards Banquet reservations on the booths reservation form.
This is another opportunity to spend some additional
casual networking time with potential customers.  

**Deadline for “Early Bird” Booth Reservations is December 13th, 2019, please don’t wait!  (Note: only 42 booth spaces are available and we did sell out last year!)

Saturday Evening Banquet:

The Awards Banquet at the Show
is not to be missed!!!
We have had nothing but success with
this menu and it is a repeat 
performance with
the Brazilian Steakhouse BBQ
with more than 60 trophies
and much more!

The Activity Center is the place to be after the show Saturday night; and we will be eating with our fish.  There will be over 60 trophies and the Judges will present the major awards and discuss why they picked those koi.  We'll have a Koi Products Drawing and Auctions of "Select Koi Items" and there's sure to be a story or two (worth the price of admission).  All this in a great setting and you’re already there!! Get your reservations in early - this evening is sure to be a hit - it sold out the last three years due to limited seating and high demand. Due to the graciousness of one of our Major Sponsors, Chien Lee of NIJIKAWA USA this meal is able to be discounted to $60 a person. 

Entrée: Brazilian Steakhouse BBQ featuring filet mignon, marinated shrimp, linguica (Portuguese smoked sausage), vegetable skewers with salad, black bean stew, Brazilian rice and of course dessert, served family style.

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Koi Club of San Diego 33rd Annual Koi Show

March 7 & 8, 2020 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Activity Center


Dry Booths: 101 - 120        Wet Booths: 201 - 206 & 301 - 316

Vendor Booths  

Booth spaces are 10' wide by 10' deep, with a blue/white back wall and side rails.  We include 1 table and 2 chairs with each booth. Table-cover and skirts, blue indoor/outdoor carpet, and a power drop are also available for a nominal additional charge. 

Preferred setup for all booths is Friday afternoon from 1PM to 5 PM.

If you have a small, easy set up (without water), you may come in Saturday morning from 7AM to 8:55AM. Limited drive-through access will only be available during Friday afternoon setup and Sunday tear-down with a 9-foot height limitation on vehicles.  The access to be able to hand-truck in equipment and supplies from the parking areas is good.  Fish vendors must set up their tanks on Friday afternoon.  Fish may be brought in Friday afternoon, Saturday and/or Sunday mornings from 7AM to 8:30 AM.

Remember to bring everything you need . . .  tank covers, bags, air pumps/air stones, rubber bands, dechlorinator/water treatment chemicals, a sump pump w/ hose, etc.  It is strongly recommended that you bring your own oxygen.

Reserving Your Booth Space

At the top of this page are all of the booths listed in order. If a booth has already be selected, it will be marked as out of stock.  If your requested booth(s) is/are available you can add to your cart. You can proceed to checkout, but each time you make that choice you will be sent another individual invoice. It is more practical to avoid the proceed to checkout until you have selected all of your items to be purchased. When you finish placing your orders, at that time you can Proceed to checkout. At checkout you may pay online or be invoiced. Invoiced payments may be made as partial payments, if you are requesting to be invoiced. Online payments must be paid in full at checkout. You are expected to make at least a partial payment of not less than $200. (Deposits are non-refundable.)  Deposits are due by December 13, 2019 and full payment is due on or before January 17th, 2020. You may call Greg Ruth at (858) 395-7882 or email him at vendor@koicsd.org with any questions or to discuss booth assignments.

Dry Booths for dealers selling products where water is not required may be assigned any booths in the facility beginning with 101 - 120, and may use 201-206 & 301-316, if and only if wet booth vendors have been accommodated.

Wet Booths for dealers selling Koi are limited to booths 201-206 & 301-316

Drainage will be provided behind each wet booth for ease of water changes during the show.  Water and drainage are only available for wet booths. Aeration is a must for vendors selling fish and the electrical power drop is required. (If you have multiple wet booths, only a single power drop is needed unless you require more than 5 amps).

We have a fire hose available for filling your tank(s) after the main show tanks are filled on Friday afternoon.  Two standard hoses will also be available during this time and throughout the duration of the show for water changes. Please do your water changes only before or after the show is open to the public, except in emergencies.  A limited number of tanks are available for rent at $50 per tank. Vendors are responsible to maintain their own water quality throughout the show; however Jack Chapman, the Show Water Quality person, will be available to assist with your water treatment, if needed.  Please contact him directly at the show. Better yet, contact him two days prior to your arrival at entrant@koicsd.org.

Return to Booths and accessories.

Booth Accessories and Banquet reservations are found listed in the third column to the right above.

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Registration   -   Booths & Accessories    -     Advertising    -     Award Sponsorships     

  Other Sponsorships    -     Passport Info  

Registration   -   Booths & Accessories    -     Advertising    -     Award Sponsorships     

  Other Sponsorships    -     Passport Info  

Koi Club of San Diego - Vendor Packet  - Booths and Accessories & Banquet Reservations

We have provided a Vendor Packet form to help with organizing your registration and vendor requests. It could be helpful to first download this  Vendor Packet form.

A vendor in our koi show must purchase at least one booth from the list below. Three booth choices are available; the single booth option, the two booths option, and the three booths option. Once you have selected your booths, we encourage you to take advantage of the advertising options, award sponsorship options, and even review the information regarding our latest endeavor, the Passport. 

A majority of our vendors fit into the single booth option at a cost of $415. This $415 cost does not include the booth accessories found in column 3 below.  A description of the types of booths, their locations, and included accessories, can be found below using this link
{If you have contacted Greg Ruth requesting a specific booth, your name will be part of the booth name, but it is NOT included in your purchases until you select it, add it to your cart. Once it is added to your cart, view the cart. If you have more to purchase use the links located in the 'view cart' page to continue shopping for the other items of interest.} 

If you are a vendor purchasing the two booths option, the total invoiced cost is $830, but will have a multi-booth discount of $30 applied after the purchase is made and invoiced. The total cost of these 2 booths will actually cost $800. The booth price does not include the booth accessories found in column 3 below. Again, the description of the types of booths, their locations, and included accessories, can be found below using this link. {If you have not read the clarification in the paragraph above in BOLD, please do so before continuing to your booth purchased}

If you are a vendor purchasing the three booths option, the total invoiced cost is $1,245, but will have a multi-booth discount of $60 applied after the purchase is made and invoiced, bringing the total cost of the 3 booths down to $1,185. The booth pricing does not include the booth accessories found in column 3 below.  Again, the description of the types of booths, their locations, and included accessories, can be found using this link

Please bear with us as we update our website.                                     Jerry

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